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Pleasure by becoming aware of your body

Personalized support

A BEES1 graduate, with extensive experience in teaching horse riding and training instructors, Alex will above all listen to you and your horse..


You are level Galop 4 or more, Alex offers you:

  • Work on the flat (horse locomotion / rider positioning)

  • Dressage

  • Obstacle gymnastics

  • Longing work

  • Work on foot

  • Passing federal exams

We also provide you with:

  • headsets to better communicate with Alex and be as accurate as possible at the moment T

  • a video follow-up to debrief and be able to work at home


These lessons can be taken either with our school horses or with your own horse/pony.


Lessons between 30 minutes and one hour depending on the discipline.

Possibility of taking two lessons per day.


Click here to see our prices.


Depending on your expectations and needs, Alex will be happy to prepare a suitable program for you over 5 half-days of 3 hours.

Price according to chosen internship program

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